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Grazing and We Mow It - Is a 2014 Video compilation for Great Plains Buffalo Ranch by the Jerde family and owner Phil Jerde to present at the ND Grazing Lands Coalition 2014 Workshop.

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We are one of the largest buffalo herds on the Great Plains.  Our vision is to better America's food system as a whole, from our pastures to your dining table.  With high standards in land stewardship coupled with low-stress animal husbandry, we have happy buffalo that roam freely on beautiful native pastures.

Our Commitment to You!

  • Our grasslands are herbicide 
    and pesticide free
  • 100% grass fed buffalo
  • Our animals are not given hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • All our meat is USDA inspected, professionally processed, and vacuum packaged
  • No nitrates!