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Check out the Jerde kids band Zeona Road!!



After college, Phil and Jill moved back onto the Jerde ranch, located in north-west SD, in 1992 and started raising cattle.

In 1999, they decided to get into the buffalo business, which has since become their main enterprise.

They started getting into holistic ag management in 2002 and in 2013 started running Scottish Highland cattle.


Phil and Jill Jerde were married in 1991 and had their first child in 1992. 26 years and 10 kids later, they are still homeschooling all the children left at home. All of the Jerde kids play at least one instrument and the three oldest are living in Nashville and touring with their band, Zeona Road(where the ranch is located).

The kids also start a lot of their own enterprises. Raising pullets, dealing in livestock skulls, and wood burning, to name a few.

Emmy - 25

Payton - 24

Eva - 19

Hannah - 18

John - 14

Bo - 13

Jack - 11

Jesse - 9

Viggo - 6

Quilla - 4